Crunch online accounting now available for free

Checking the booksCrunch’s online accounting software, Solo, is now available for free to freelancers, contractors and small/micro businesses. The software is identical to Crunch’s original premium product and allows users to manage their bookkeeping, raise invoices, record expenses and view their tax liability in real time, all at zero cost.

Crunch has already built a successful business in online accounting by providing a unique premium product supported by ongoing advice from their team of accountants. Now, by providing the software for free (the unlimited support from the accountants is not available with Solo), Crunch is putting business owners in control, making them aware of their tax liability whilst speeding up and simplifying the bookkeeping process. This goes against the normal dotcom business model.

Darren Fell, the company’s founder and MD, said: “it’s Crunch’s mission to help the self-employed and small business community by continually improving our cost-effective accountancy services. Today we’re taking that one step further by offering our powerful software for free.

“Most dotcom businesses build a mass following by providing a freemium service before announcing costly upgrades. We now have more than 2,500 clients on our standard subscription package, and opening up our software for free means more people can experience the power of Crunch without any cost commitment.”

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