Leaving PCs on costs £30 million a day

Light onSmall companies in the UK waste up to £30.8 million per day by not turning off computers overnight, according to research by business energy supplier E.ON.

Its study of over 800 small and medium-sized businesses found that nearly two-fifths of their employees leave their PCs on during the evening.

On top of this, only 20 per cent of SMEs fully turn off their computers at the weekend.

Ian Walker, head of business sales at E.ON, said: “10 per cent of small business owners wrongly assume that leaving computers on standby at night uses the same amount of energy as shutting them down completely.

“Introducing small changes into the culture of your business, like turning equipment off fully at night, can have a significant financial impact on your energy bills,” he added.

The research also highlighted that over 60 per cent of employees in the professional and retail sector stated they do not turn off their PCs.

E.ON added that it costs 1p per hour to power a computer on standby.

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One Response to “Leaving PCs on costs £30 million a day”
  1. Stuart says:

    Although it’s important to conserve energy and save money on your monthly electric bill, depending on your network’s backup system and automated updating (security patches for Windows, antivirus & anti-malware updates), it may not be wise to shut your computers down every night. The money saved and energy conserved isn’t a great deal, but it looks much larger in the aggregate for the entire nation.

    A better way to get more substantial savings is to migrate from a traditional POTS telephone system to hosted unified communications. By eliminating the need for purchasing easily-outdated phone switching equipment and running your phones from voice over IP (VOIP), you can reduce your telephony costs to a smaller, standard payment every month and be guaranteed to have the latest updates and features available on your handsets. That’s a win-win-win situation: lower expenses, predictable cost structure, and the bonus of not being tied into hardware that’s outdated 8 months after you purchase it.

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